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Jake is a recent graduate of the Florida State University's College of Motion Picture Arts. He has always been drawn to the little things in life that make us scared out of our minds. Throughout public schooling, he obsessed over films involving satanic children, child-eating grizzly bears, and masked murderers stabbing babysitters. To many of his peers, this was something that needed psychological attention. But to him, these films helped instill an immense passion.


He began to make his own projects in high school and hasn't stopped since. Jake currently resides in Los Angeles, using his childhood inspirations to further develop his passion for horror filmmaking.


A passionate young filmmaker, Nicola cares deeply about creating art that affects an audience in visceral and thrilling ways. She finds enjoyment in bringing uncomfortable, and sometimes horrific, subjects to the screen, using her vision to make your skin crawl. Such strong emotions call for strong visuals, and Nicola aims to deliver.


Nicola completed her BFA at the Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts and is now based in downtown Los Angeles. 

From the fjords of Norway springs folklore and horror lover Alexandra Hansen, graduate of the FSU College of Motion Picture Arts. She can now be found in Los Angeles, CA where she can be seen drawing, writing, or doing power yoga in her room when she’s not creating films about horrifying happenings. She is drawn to stories that blend uncomfortable and devastating events with equally as uncomfortable humor, and she likes to explore the darkness that squirms beneath everyone’s skin.

Paula Andrea Gonzalez was born and raised in Medellin, Colombia and moved to Miami, FL at the age of eight. She attended the Florida State University’s College of Motion Pictures Arts, where she specialized in Production. In her time there, she was the lead artist on an iOS and OSX application called “Photobricks” and has volunteered for the TECHO US organization which helps eradicate poverty in South America. She aspires to write and produce Spanish English films and documentaries post-graduation.




PRoduction Design / Editor

Co-WRITER / DIRECTOR Of Photography

Co-WRITER / Director 


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